Tax & Legal in short (English)


Marcel Schlimbach van Right 1 tax & legal advisory is a tax lawyer and legal advisor with broad experience in all aspects of tax and corporate law. His focus is on small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

For what cases?
For all tax & legal cases for SMEs (MKB, KMO’s) and their business owners.

Key services offered by Marcel Schlimbach in the Tax & Legal field:

Tax field:
Direct experience with:

  • Dutch and international tax law cases
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • succession
  • second generation ownership
  • exit planning
  • business sales, mergers and acquisitions
  • management buy ins
  • management buy outs
  • participations/joint venture
  • business structuring
  • business turnaround and restructuring
  • reorganisations
  • setting-up companies and partnerships
  • liquidation of companies
  • business continuity (strategic planning for emergency scanarios, entrepreneurs will, Dutch Private Foundation)
  • wealth structuring
  • estate planning
  • tax planning
  • (r)emigrations
  • divorces (tax and financial aspects)
  • Dutch residents in Belgium
  • cross-border the Netherlands-Belgium
  • tax litigation, fiscal guidance book review
  • relation with the Dutch tax authority (see under tax & legal services)
  • financial services (all kinds of)
  • banking relationships
  • cash flow & credit management

Legal field:

  • contracts (setting up, check)
  • legal and financial document management for SMEs and their business owners
  • legal advice-opinion for SMEs and their business owners
  • management advisory